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About Dogs Choice

Dogs Choice is a family-owned business based in rural central Alberta with the Rocky Mountains in sight. The owner of Dogs Choice, Rudy Koller, a Master Butcher, has been producing raw frozen pet food since 2011. He and his team take pride in creating quality, affordable raw products dogs and cats thrive on. He has fine-tuned his processes and recipes over the years, producing food pets enjoy and that suits their biological needs.

Rudy is constantly learning about raw feeding from his colleagues and veterinarians in Europe where the practice of raw feeding is more established than it is in North America. He cares about the food he produces and is engaged in its production from the sourcing right through to the placement of boxes in the freezer.

Our Facility

Dogs Choice has its own processing plant and freezer storage on-site. A new processing building was erected in 2021 and we expect it to be fully operational in 2022. Outbuildings like the cabin provide great photo ops and a chance to socialize when the works all done.